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Birthdate:Feb 11

Floyd 'Deadshot' Lawton is a gun man, and one of the most proficient in that art in the DC Universe. It's been debated whether he cares about anything except his guns. He certainly doesn't give a damn about his own life, which is one of the reasons he was such an invaluable asset to the (probably mythical) Suicide Squad.

But he's left Government work now, and gone private sector. It pays better.

It's not because he's attached to his new teammates or anything.

Floyd Lawton is in his forties, but physically at the peak of fitness. He's tall, muscular and is usually in costume (see left), with his mask down unless he's working. He originates from Gotham, but has travelled a lot and some of his speech patterns come straight out of old westerns. He smokes, a lot. It's not like he's going to die of cancer.

He's a better shot than you. Just accept that and don't talk about his family. or make fun of his porn 'stache. The outfit is fair game.

Floyd 'Deadshot' Lawton is © DC Comics, and most of his characterisation comes from the pages of Secret Six, Suicide Squad and his own eponymous miniseries. This is a rolplaying journal being used by someone with no affiliation to any of the above and no profit is being made.
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